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Which best describes you?

“I’m looking for an exotic location to work as a digital nomad.”

“I’ve got some property but I want to maximise my yield with AirBNB.”

“I would like to build a tiny home or two as a high yield, sustainable investment.”

Studios for < US$1000 / Month

Our budget orientated studios are perfect for a getaway in a tropical location but still allow you to be productivie in your business.

Quiet "Low Key" Locations

All of our locations are in quiet locations but still have access to conveniences such as the beach, food delivery and the local night life.

Fast Internet

We make sure that you get access to private, wireless internet connections so that you can get the speed you need for Zoom meetings.

Concierge Service

Need a scooter? Done. Laundry? Not a worry. Want to be picked up from the airport and handed a sim card on arrival? You got it.

Studio 1 (Bali Indonesia)

Studio 2 (Bali, Indonesia)

AirBNB Management Services

Make more money from your property without all the extra work.

We Manage Your Listing


We can organise professional photos, create the wording for the listings and place them on platforms such as AirBNB all on your behalf.


We take the complex bits out of managing the reservation by handling all client communication, even after they have booked.

Quick Payouts

We pay out the rent from the tenant within 48 hours of the payment arriving in our account. The quicker we get paid, the quicker you do.

We Help You Improve Your Property

Pricing Research

We will investigate properties in the area and find out what the most appropriate pricing is for you.

Room Inspection Report

We will inspect the room and identify issues that would cause customer complaints.

So how does it work?

We set up the listing.

We find the tenants.

You keep 80% of the rent.

Tiny Homes Developments

Environmentally friendly homes in the places you would rather live.

We Find The Land

We use our contacts to uncover the hidden gems in places that you typically wouldn't find using Google or real estage websites.

We Build The Home

We hire the labour, transport the modules, connect it to utilities and install all of the furniture. A full turn-key solution for you.

OPTIONAL: We Find Tenants

If you're planning on using your tiny home as an investment instead of living in it, we can help you find the best tenants for your investment.

Land Where You Would Rather Be.

We find land in tropical areas where the demand from tourist or digital nomads is high.


Environmentaly Friendly Modular Homes.

We build you a fully finished tiny home, connected to utilities and furnished. Everyting you need to live comfortably or to offer your tenants if you choose to use the home for investment.

Creating Hands Off Investment Vehicles

We will manage your property on sites such as AirBNB and find the kind of tenants that can help you achieve a high yeild return on your build.