Our team is our most valuable asset.

Teamwork markes the dream work. Yeah, we are lame like that. 😊

Our Mission

We are on a mission to look after our team and our clients. One cannot win without the other.

Solve Real World Business Challenges

All 6 of our brands come together to create the solutions for the problems of modern businesses and the people that run them.

Well Paid, Meaningful Work For Our Team

Every team member should be able to know that the work they are doing has meaning and supports their ability to support their households.

Be The Worlds Largest Employer

By reducing the barriers to entry to working with us, we will become the largest employer in the world.

Foster An Environment of Mutual Respect

Our clients and our team members feel safe and comfortable to share and be open without fearing judgement, no matter what their position is.

Our Code of Conduct

Our years of experience have taught us that some things aren’t negotiable. All organisations or team members that want to work with us must agree to the code.

Our Co-Operative

Every brand and product within Combined Solutions is built in conjunction with a partner in the co-operative. It is the aspiration of Combined Solutions to never have complete ownership of a venture.

To do the best job possible of Solving Real World Business Challenges we need to partner with the best talent and experts available.

To do the best job possible of Providing Well Paid, Meaningful Work For Our Team we need to support our partners so that they can weild the financial resources and client base to provide such an experience.

So that we can Be The Worlds Largest Employer we must make it easy for other like minded entrepeneurs to join and thrive within our co-operative and in doing so spread the load of employment across multiple brands and products within our portfolio, allowing us to be resourceful with the resources we have.

For us to Foster An Environment of Mutual Respect we must start by providing equitable opportunities within our co-operative which circumvent the systemic exlusionism which hold back aspiring entrepeneurs in the market. Its important that mutual respect not just be about interactions but also about fostering equality.