Zero Fee Remote Labour Hire

Fast and cost effective recruitment, hiring and management of your remote team. No fees. No worries. 


What is All Staff Solutions?

All Staff Solutions is a Remote Labour Hire organisation. 

We place remote workers with businesses and support them with their careers.

What kind of clients do we work with?

We see the best results with businesses that require recurring support in similar skillsets:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Virtual Assistant Agencies
  • Web Development Agencies

What makes All Staff Special?

Our Zero Cost approach removes the stress from recruitment. It costs no more to work with us than hiring independantly. We remove the barriers that prevent most agencies from outsourcing their recruitment.

Whats included in "Remote Labour Hire"

Find your next superstar from anywhere in the world.

Any Region or Timezone

Choose a region or timezone that works for you and your organisation.

Full Time or
Part Time

Select whether you require a team member to work full time or part time.

Matched to Your Specs

Every candidate answers a set of questions that will help you understand them better.

Assessed for Professionalism

Before you even interview your candidate, we test their professionalism.

Video Interview Process

See how your candidate communicates before meeting.


You pay one invoice, we handle their direct payments, anywhere in the world.

Tools & Software Included

Everything you need to monuitor your team members productivity.

Remote Readiness Education

We provide your team member the tools for success when working remotely.

This is how it works:

We handle all the tedious bits so you can focus on finding the right person.

1. You Fill Out Our Employee Request Form
Let us know about the job, the budget, the skills required and the timezone requested. You can also specify up to 5 questions that the candidate must answer in a video interview before you meet them.
2. We Find Candidates In Your Requsted Region
Our recruitment team will use the relevant resources to advertise the job in the appropriate places.
3. We Assess Their Professionalism In 6 Areas
Before you meet any candidates, we test to ensure they:

- Demonstrate Attention To Detail
- Can Schedule Meetings
- Are Able to Work With New Systems
- Are Punctual
- Can Communicate Clearly
- Demonstrate Follow Through
4. We Sit Down With You To Review Their Video Interview
To save you from having interviews with candidates who aren't a good fit, we will watch their video interviews together. This is more effective than just reviewing a resume as it will give you a better picture of who the candidate is.
5. We Perform a Joint Interview With The Best Candidates
Once you have shortlisted your candidates, we set up a joint interview with you and the candidate.
6. We Negotiate a Fair Rate With Your Team Member
A fair rate ensures you don't overpay and makes sure the next company doesn't instantly poach your new team member.
7. Contracts Are Signed and Your New Team Member Starts
We finalise the contracts with your new team member, set up their payroll and you can get started!

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*Teams & Conditions

– As an employer you will not pay any fees for our service. We negotiate our terms directly with the team members.
– If you wish to hire the candidate directly, you will have the option to pay 20% of the candidates agreed full time annual salary (40 hours per week, 52 weeks a year) up front.
– You, or your company, agree not to circumvent the recruitment process to directly hire any team members that have been introduced to you without paying the fees mentioned on the line above.