Amazon Ads Service

It is an advertising model in which advertisers pay a fee to Amazon when a shopper clicks on their ad (pay-per-click). There are 3 Amazon ad types available: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads. The latter is a new and extended version of the former Product Display ads – PDAs.

Why Amazon Ads

  • It is very effective compared to other ad channels because it allows you to reach shoppers where they actually make purchases, i.e. on Amazon.
  • It allows product promotion with highly visible placements on Amazon, with ads appearing on desktop, mobile browsers as well as on Amazon’s app.
  • It allows you to choose from different ad types depending on goals.

Amazon PPC offers a portfolio of different targeting methods from keywords to categories, brands, and products (ASINs—Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) as well as remarketing on external websites to ensure that your message is reaching the desired audience.


We require your Amazon account details to get started with Amazon Ads and after that we will work on the below-listed areas:
  • Strategy
  • Setup
  • Optimization


Globital Amazon Ads specialists will drive your Amazon Ads campaign towards success.

Some Important Benefits

  • No Lock-in Contracts
  • No Setup Fee
  • Experienced Specialists
  • Your Accounts Belong To You
  • Proactive Communication
  • Custom Reports


  • It is very effective compared to other ad channels because it allows you to reach shoppers where they actually make purchases, i.e. on Amazon.
  • Sponsored Brands – ads for brand building that allow brands to promote a custom headline, brand logo, and up to 3 products in their ad in the top spot above Amazon search results (and other placements), with the ability to send shoppers to their Amazon Stores page
    or a custom landing page on Amazon. Newly available are also video ads linking to
    product detail pages.
  • Sponsored Display ads – banner ads that send shoppers to Amazon product detail pages. They deliver relevant ads both on Amazon and on external websites to shoppers who are visiting and visiting (remarketing) specific products on Amazon.

Our Approach

Our certified team understands what it takes to develop a great Amazon advertising strategy for your business. We focus specifically on creating targeted campaigns that are cost- effective & profitable.

Research & Discover

In the initial stages, we understand and research the client’s business as much as possible, including its complexities & target audience.

Competitive Analysis

Our experts will analyse your business, its industry and how the different players in the market are running ads.

Comprehensive Account Analysis (Only for Running Accounts)

Without an understanding of historical data and competitive analysis in Amazon Ads management, you can’t drive a campaign to success. The most important asset available to us is your historical account data. Our specialists focus on this and supporting aspects to meet your advertising needs and generate maximum results.

Build Strategy & Campaign

Our research and analysis will jointly translate into an effective PPC strategy. Our Amazon Ads specialists will draft a complete action plan and strategy that will deliver the best results to achieve your business goals.

Optimize, Grow & Repeat

Campaign Ads will be tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to high performance. Our experts will make sure that your Amazon Ads campaign is properly optimized to achieve business goals.

Our Process

On Initiation

  • We send a briefing document for the client to fill in.

Campaign Setup

  • Setup campaign parameters as per the brief.
  • The final element is billing and going live.


  • Statistical reviews.
  • Ongoing optimisations.
  • Monthly Reporting.

Why Choose Us for Your Amazon Ads Management

  • Management
    Being a reputable Amazon Ads service provider, we will ensure that you are connected with the potential audience.
  • Expertise
    As an Amazon Ads management company, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced PPC consultants with years of hands-on experience in delivering good results.
  • Stability
    With an extensive, full-time staff and a strong track record in different internet marketing disciplines, we are the Amazon advertising agency you can rely on for as long as your campaign runs in an efficient manner.

Amazon Ads Responsibilities​

Our Responsibilities

  • Get appropriate information to set up a campaign.
  • Set up campaign structures professionally and according to the brief.
  • Prepare campaign content for agency/client review and send through Basecamp for approval.
  • Implement approved campaign copy to specification.
  • Set up all conversion functions to ensure a clear measurement of results.
  • Optimize the campaign where needed.
  • Report results accurately each month, under your brand.

Your Responsibilities

  • Setting and managing the expectations of the end client appropriately.
  • Working closely with our Amazon Ads team to get the best engagement and result for the end client.
  • Filling out the initial brief completely and on time.
  • Review, fine-tune and approve the campaign structures and content in a timely manner.
  • Managing the client relationship especially in the early stages of the campaign.
  • Working closely with our Amazon Ads specialists in the early weeks, for fine-tuning of the campaign
  • Manage reporting with the end client
  • Work closely with the end client when recommendations are made to improve performance.
  • Effectively communicate feedback from the client regarding their results, for a long-term ROI and successful engagement

Amazon Ads Limitations

  • Campaign Limitation:
    Ads disappear once a campaign reaches its budget and listings will disappear once a campaign is complete.

Our Limitation

Responding efficiently towards each aspect of registered project proceedings is very important to be on a smooth path.

Our Amazon ads team follows a well-defined process on Basecamp to keep track of projects.

Any delays from your side towards any aspect of the project can create limitations for us to proceed and complete activities within a determined timeline, i.e.

What’s Next?

When the Amazon Ads campaign is successful and have achieved the goals, it was set out to reach, it can further develop into next strategy:
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads
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