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Tobi Nagy

Tobi Nagy is an entrepreneur, professional educator, mentor, and the founder of the Global Entrepreneur Academy, which is an education institute for entrepreneurs who want to test and validate their business ideas in a low-cost, safer way, before launching their ventures, helping them save time, money and opportunity cost.

Tobi has been a serial entrepreneur, for 30 years, and has successfully built businesses across many countries and industries in areas such as renewable energy, commodities, fashion, food, and ecotourism. Over the last decade, he has been a university lecturer in Melbourne, developing and delivering courses in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Tobi is also the CEO of the Asia Venture Lab, an entrepreneurial venture-building organisation that focuses on commercialising sustainability technologies in South-East Asia.

Tobi is very passionate about sustainability, education and innovation. His three current focuses are helping entrepreneurs start their businesses in a safer way, secondly, helping founders with their wellbeing through his retreats, he has begun to run in Bali, and thirdly, his project around commercialisation of technologies within SE Asia region, to help solve complex sustainability issues around energy, food, water, waste, and social housing through his project Asia Venture Lab which he has co-founded with a team of five other highly successful venture builders, business angels, VCs, and mentors.

In his spare time, loves to travel, experience new cultures, and do outdoor activities and is a keen animal and environmental advocate, supporting a number of causes around biodiversity and animal welfare.

His mantra is “If you are not living life on the edge, then you are taking up to much room”

Carrie Benedet

Carrie has over 25 years’ experience, building and empowering leaders with strong emotional intelligence and relational leadership skills to develop and sustain a culture of respect and engagement in workplace relationships, within teams and across organisations.

Her practice creates space for growth mindsets – both personal and professional. She works with aspiring and experienced leaders alongside their teams to explore and enable stronger and more resilient working relationships. Carrie strongly believes that inclusive and supportive teams are more effective in both the long and short terms.

Alongside her deep professional experience across education, government and business, Carrie holds qualifications in education, leadership, change management, emotional intelligence and coaching.

With her unique blend of personal and business acumen, Carrie connects across cultures and challenges current attitudes and behaviour of stakeholders to develop future leaders and teams.

Carrie has designed and hosted multiple Leadership Retreats and Immersions in Australia and New Zealand since 2016, bringing culture, business and education together for transformative leadership development. Carrie has a global keynote presence in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, China, Australia and the USA.

Workplace and leadership wellbeing has a strong focus in Carrie’s desire to influence the next generation and her current podcast, Thriving Matters has a global reach that shares how to thrive in life and work with future focused purpose and responsibility.
Carrie will ‘walk and talk’ with you anywhere around the world, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea being her first walk to celebrate her 50th birthday, she loves to dance with her grandkids and is an incredible host and connector.

Her mantra is #giveitaredhotshot !

Joe Bellissimo

Joe Bellissimo is a futurist and a big advocate of joint ventures and co-creation.
Joe’s first business was a car audio company when he was 19. He wanted to get access to cheap gear for his first car, so he registered a business, created an ecommerce store, found suppliers and then used the profit to pay for his first car audio system.

Since then he’s run an automotive parts website, a vehicle performance tuning business, a staffing agency an a coaching practice. Working in all of these industries, he was able to learn about the commonalities in the needs of different business types and the similar challenges that entrepreneurs face.
He’s currently the founder of a co-operative called Combined Solutions which provides a one stop shop for business owners to access staffing & talent, coaching & consulting, sales services, marketing support, retreats, networking & communities as well as technology support.

This latest venture represents a desire to create a solution that solves the problems he had experienced in his own businesses. By addressing his own challenges, he’s created a business which solves the problems of other entrepreneurs.

Joe is an essentialist and looks for ways to reduce his environmental impact, waste and reduce the number of possessions he has. This is part of a long-term goal of creating a completely nomadic lifestyle. This approach allowed him to live in Bali, Indonesia for 8 months during 2022 to demonstrate what’s possible to his clients and community.

Andrea Zsapka

Andrea Zsapka is a creative leader who is passionate about encouraging people to “dare to dance their way”.

She has a unique background as a Dancing Economist and is fascinated by technology and virtual environments. Andrea applies economic principles with a “big picture – reverse engineer” approach and has faith in the human-centered aspects of digital transformation. She values creativity, diversity, constructive criticism, and problem-solving. With a flow state fueled by drive and passion, Andrea utilizes new technology to accelerate positive impact and connects with others with a genuine interest and a win-win attitude.

With a proven track record of organizing hundreds of offline, online, and hybrid events around the world, Andrea offers exceptional event production with a people-centered approach. She has hands-on experience in event management from start to finish, including client and stakeholder management, production management, project team management, budget management, vendor management, marketing initiatives, and live event delivery. Her superpowers include compassionate people management and strong organizational skills, and she values inclusivity and diversity. If you’re looking to make it happen, Andrea is just one step away.


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