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Additional Workshop by Kel Holliday

June 9 - 10, 2023

How to scale your business to UNLEASH YOUR FREEDOM MACHINE:

By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a tool chest of resources that you can implement immediately in your business with a total value way above the total of the retreat, airfares and this workshop combined. GUARANTEED!….

  1. A full suite of systems, that will make building an Action-Team culture simple, that UNLEASHES “AWESOME” EVERY DAY
    Valued over $4500, you will receive…
    • The proven 5-step system to building systems that create time and freedom. That means a business that increases profits while you are asleep, on the beach, doing what makes you happy or best of all relaxing with family (Which should make you happy LOL).
    • A complete strategy for the recruitment of local and remote team members that WILL change your life and give you the confidence to have time out when you want it.
    • A minimum of 25 flowcharts on recruitment, onboarding, leading and maintaining your Action Team.
    • A suit of internationally compliant HR and WHS Policies and Procedures that will make your business thrive and keep you out of hot water.
  1. The ultimate strategy to building an outsourced team that creates Hero’s, not monkeys, for peanuts.Valued over $2500 you will receive…..
    • A suite of step-by-step processes to recruit, train, empower and tailor your own outsourced strategy.
    • A suite of recommended free and low cost apps to make outsourcing easy, even while sipping pina colada’s, kopi luwak coffee, herbal tea or just chilling.
  1. The ultimate technology stack that includes all the “MUST HAVES” to scale your business.
    Value: Priceless (Well the experience is and the free applications are well over $3000)
    • Includes a lifetime membership to Productivity Hub. A suite of applications: (Calendar management, Social media management, Funnel builder, Client management, and more)
    • 12 Months of access to the latest BusinessHub, a suite of Business systems to house all that you have collected in the workshop and much more.
    • Learn how to use ChatGPT to UNLEASH 20 hours a week minimum.
    • Membership to the ultimate CHATGPT implementation training and community for LIFE and how to ADD YOUR OWN WOW FACTOR prompt!!!!

Total value OVER $10,000


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