Business Process Outsourcing.
Done Different.

All-in-one process support & freelancing platform.
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A customised approach

“I’m looking for an easy way to create a team with all the skills required to scale my business.”

“I already have team members and I’m looking for my next superstar employee.”

“I want to be more productive by outsourcing tasks and processes without managing my own staff.”

Option 1: finda TEAM

Like hiring a team of freelancers, without all the headaches.

Access to our entire talented team...

Pay For What You Use

You only pay for the hours our team works for you. No hidden costs. No suprises.

Recruitment Included

Can't find what you're looking for? Using finda costs no more than recruiting on your own.

Ready in Less Than 24 Hours

Need to get work done? Work can start within 24 hours of your induction call.

... and we handle all the hard bits.

ID Checks

All staff are vetted and ID-checked. Trust who you're working with 100% of the time.

Screenshot Capture

Need to know what you were billed for? You can always check the screenshots.

Itemised Invoices

Every to-do item, date of work and team member is clearly laid out.

Detailed Profiles

Learn more about the team's experience and personalities by checking their profiles.

Daily Work Reports

Every day you will get a report outlining the to-do items from your team.

Online Readiness Training

Internal training ensures that they are ready for work immediately.


We look after local currency payroll for every team member so you don't need to worry.

2FA & Password Vaults

We take security seriously. We use password vaults and 2FA on our PM and email systems

Project Tools

We use to offer enterprise level project management tools.

Chat & Video

Communicate with your team on our platform including voice and video calls.

Option 2: finda EMPLOYEE

Recruit your next superstar from anywhere in the world.

International recruitment made easy...

Any Region or Timezone

Choose a region or timezone that works for you and your organisation.

Full Time or Part Time

Select whether you require a team member to work full time or part time.

Matched to Your Specs

Every candidate answers a set of questions that will help you understand them better.

Reviewed by Video

Before you even interview your candidate, we share videos of their answers.

Book a chat with one of our recruitment specialists.

Option 3: finda SOLUTION

Get the resources of a team, without actually managing one.
Perfect for process driven work.

Making outsourcing simple in 3 easy steps...

Our team will discuss all aspects of the work that you wish to have outsourced.

We use our process document templates to create easy to follow procedures.

We insert the best person for the job in order to deliver your work.

Just the work,
none of the headache.

Book a Discussion

Lets work out the best way to solve your most challenging problems

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