Forget A.I.
It's time for H.I.

H.I. (Human Intelligence) is becoming the forgotten element in today’s fast moving business world.

Human Intelligence (3)

We surveyed Entrepreneurs & Business Owners and this is what they told us they wanted:

"A trusted environment full of diverse-minded people."

"A place to solve problems and brainstorm ideas"

"The people and tools to connect & collaborate."

"Somewhere to build my network and have human to human connections."

"To keep pace with new technology."

So we asked them why, and this is what they told us:

"Because I want more success in my business."

We uncovered that Entrepreneurs and Business Owners believed that there were 3 pillars that supported their success:

The Right People

Humans are the source of ideas, support and are the buyers of your products.

The Right Knowledge

When you connect people with knoweldge you can create any solution.

The Right Technology

The right technology can enable people and amplify knowledge.

These 3 together,
make success easier and faster.

So we listened.

We put together, People, Knowledge and Technology to create the:

Human Intelligence Business Club

A community driven professional development club
powered by H.I. (Human Intelligence).

Find the right people and grow your business with weekly Speed Networking

Get the right knowledge in our awesome twice monthly Business Book Club

Use the right tools like our Virtual Co-working space and work with your tribe

Speed Networking

Meet new people, forge new connections and ultimately grow your business.

Business Book Club

Pat Grosse

Community Engagement Specialist

Apply learnings from business books to your organisation in a safe environment.

BA (Hons) Business Admin &
Diploma in Educational Marketing

Virtual Coworking Environment

After a Zoom meeting finishes, so does the conversation. You get 24/7 access to our virtual coworking space so that you can continue your conversations, network and foster collaborations.

Join the Club

Virtual Co-Working Office
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Weekly Speed Networking
Twice Monthly Book Club
Monthly Network Building Session
Twice Monthly Facilitated Mastermind
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