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Instagram Marketing Service - Purpose

The purpose is to let you provide an instagram management service for businesses that find it time consuming and as such, it often gets neglected.

As such, this service needs to be cost-effective so that you are then able to sell on to your clients. For this to be effective our services and process are designed to ensure :

  • We understand and represent each end of your client’s brand accurately.
  • We produce content (in image and language) that is of an exceptional quality that meets and surpasses the standards of your clients.
  • The purpose is to develop and engage with the clients prospects on Instagram, then gradually send them to offers or back to the clients website for potential conversion.
  • We keep an eye on trends and techniques, keeping our strategies up to date so end clients get long term ROI, even if your expertise is not in this area.
  • Our experts continue to learn, follow and create content and campaigns that make the most out of the Instagram algorithm.


All our efforts in our Instagram Marketing campaigns are aimed at increasing the reach and engagement generated for your client’s brand. We measure our efforts and how effective they are by tracking:

  • Audience growth
  • Reach growth
  • Quality engagement through appropriate usage of hashtags
  • Traffic to your website

Instagram Marketing - Is Working When:

  • The initial brief is completed promptly and accurately.


  • All content is created professionally, representing the client’s brand accurately and is
    approved first by the client and then by you, the agency, prior to publishing.


  • Content is both delivered and approved in a timely manner to ensure final content is
    completed in time for the publishing schedule.


  • The publishing schedule is adhered to.


  • The client’s brand is enhanced by the professionalism of the content.


  • The goals agreed to in the briefing document are focused on and generally achieved.


  • Google Analytics is set up and used with the Instagram statistics for reporting


  • Using this information, we are then able to track how much engagement, traffic and reach
    we are generating each month.

Specific measurements include:

  • Your client experiencing an increase in Audience and Reach growth
  • Some lead generation occurs directly on the Instagram account
  • An increase in traffic to the client’s website is measured which means there is a greater potential for conversions to occur on the website
  • Your client takes the opportunity to develop relationships and engage with followers made possible by the our efforts on their Instagram.
  • Your client potentially participates in and supplements the activity that our team undertakes on the Instagram account.

Instagram Marketing - Process

Setup Month 1

Initial Skype Briefing

    • Complete and agree on Instagram Management Brief
    • Instagram Analysis and Recommendations
    • Update profiles if required, following recommendations
    • Visuals
    • Captions
    • Hashtag Analysis
    • Copywriting for Offers and Giveaways
    • Revision and approval of the content
instagram marketing process

Regular Monthly Work

Marketing Strategy
    • Research and use of hashtags
    • Grow followers and increase reach
    • Develop content for the coming month
Content Strategy
    • Create imagery and captions for all content in advance
    • Following content approval, schedule for publication
    • Full reports and analysis as well as recommendations will be presented, depending on our Instagram Management Level your clients select.

Instagram Marketing -

Our Responsibilities

    • Set up the briefing session with you for an effective discovery and documentation of the client’s needs.
    • Make sure that the utmost care is taken in the maintenance of your client’s Instagram profile/s, only publishing approved content.
    • To prepare all content professionally and in time for the publishing schedule. This will be delivered for review/approval at least three business days in advance of the first publishing date, which is enough time for review and approval.
    • To schedule publication of approved content to maximise visibility and engagement.
    • To supply you with white label performance reports, ready for you to use and pass onto your clients, on time, at the end of each month.
    • To keep up to date with recent, proven effective hashtag and other Instagram trends and use these as a guide for ongoing improvement of our Instagram Management strategies.

Your Responsibilities

    • To sell this service effectively by appropriately managing your client’s expectations of the service. Be particularly mindful not to set expectations around the generation of rapid direct conversions. This is not what this strategy is intended for.
    • To obtain all necessary information with your clients regarding their Instagram profile/s and their objectives in this process.
    • To work with your client to hear their thoughts, ideas and opinions through the briefing document. The process is most successful when your clients initially fill in the briefing document
    • To make time to participate fully in briefing and other meetings. These meetings are critical to set up the service properly and then improve it for your client over the long term. More often than not, a successful Instagram campaign is directly reflective of the strength of a cooperative relationship built between you, the agency, and our Instagram management team.
    • Maintain strong relationships with your clients, passing pertinent feedback to our team through acceptable channels (primarily Basecamp).
    • Send monthly reports onto your clients, ensuring they understand where the campaign is going and where it is leading.

Instagram Marketing - Limitations

Instagram Management is more about creating brand presence, supporting other marketing efforts and re-affirming the core business messages than it is about direct lead generation.

One major limitation of organic Instagram Marketing is that the client has no control over their audience. The Instagram platform algorithm controls how much reach organic posts receive
in front of the built audience. With an ever-increasing amount of information flowing through this channel, it appears business channels receive less and less reach every month. This lack of control and real ownership is important for clients to understand since it should be part of their thinking about how they use the audience they develop in these channels.

Successful Instagram Marketing - What’s Next?

When an Instagram Management campaign is successful, it should result in an increase of reach, followers and engagement on the Instagram platform. When this , you can suggest to your client that they can:
  • Supplement the Instagram Marketing activities by starting an Instagram Advertising campaign to grow the reach and audience even further and faster.
  • Start using Instagram as a lead capture tool by including an offer with a Landing Page on the platform. This will net email addresses from the leads that can be added to the client’s database. They can then start marketing via email to these leads. This helps overcome the issue that the client has no real control over their followership and post reach etc. That is controlled by the algorithm. The idea is to over time, build a database that the client does control
  • Once our Instagram Marketing efforts have resulted in leads reaching the website, it is up to the design, copy and layout of the website to nurture those leads through the sales funnel and close the sale. Not all client websites are optimised for this function. In cases like this, we recommended that you suggest a Conversion Rate Optimisation campaign to your client
    to ensure that they are making the most out of the traffic that our Instagram Marketing is generating and they are seeing the best return on their investment possible.

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