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3 Options To Work With Us

Consultant Kit

Instantly Upgrade From Solopreneur To A Full Fledged Agency​. We white label our entire operation so you can go to market and start saying YES to new opportunities.

A marketing consultant who currently only offers strategy but doesn’t provide social media management could white lable our social media management solutions and immediately extract more revenue from their existing clients.

Executive Partner

Use The Global Business Factory brand to expand your reach and provide solutions to a new set of customers without changing the core focus of your business.

A business coach that is supporting a client in expanding their team could work together with us to provide a proposal for HR and recruitment services without needing to direct their client to an external party.

Collaborartion Partner

Combine our resources with your existing solutions to create new products that give you a competitive edge and support you in driving new revenue.

A book writing coach that is currently only coaching their clients could work with us to develop a brand new product that provides the coaching, editing, publishing and marketing support to make the book the client writes an immediate Amazon best seller.

Included Resources

If you're willing to invest in us, we will invest in you:

Mastermind & Community

Lead Generation

CRM & Marketing Automation