Leadership for Modern Day Leaders

Giving you the skills to lead in the modern world.

Can you think of a time when you...

Hired the wrong person and the stress it created?

Had to have a difficult conversation and couldn't sleep the night before?

Your team didn't follow your instructions correctly and all the problems it created?

Had to deal with gossip getting out of hand?

Felt everything was going smoothly with your team?

We asked leaders how they wanted to feel on a consistent basis and they told us:

"I want to feel confident in my leadership decisions, that my team respects me and that I can be my authentic self."

Our research found that there were 3 critical elements to successful leadership: 

A Leadership OS

By having a bespoke "Operating System" that is calibrated specifically for you, you'll be able to make good leadership decisions consistently.

Human Skills

Understanding patterns of human behaviour will give us the tools we need to gain respect within our team and Lead effectively.

Self Confidence

You will create the confidence so that you can Lead authentically as yourself. You will have the confidence to Lead in your own unique way.

These 3 critical elements, when combined,
make leadership easier and less stressful.

And this is why the audacious leadership Mastermind was developed

Creating a community that, together, supports each other to successfully achieve the 3 critical elements of leadership.

Some of the topics that will be explored and covered:

How can we lead if we are not clearly defining what Leadership is and what Leadership isn’t?
During this discussion, we will uncover 6 critical elements that all Great Leaders execute.
Because when you know what they are, you can learn them and execute them too. 

Where ever there is human interaction, there will be misunderstanding, frustration, conflict. All of these lead to Stress and Anxiety, particularly for the Leader who has to resolve these issues. 
Discover a way to remove the Stress and Anxiety, and create purpose driven conversations that generate productive solutions.

The modern day Leader needs to be emotionally fit and agile. 
Workplace Wellbeing is one of the biggest elements of a great team culture. 

You will discover and learn about emotions, what they are, how they can infect and impact the entire team in a matter of minutes. 
You will be equipped with the strategies and wisdom to deal with all the emotional situations that arise in Leadership and remain in a highly functional state.

There are currently 5 different generations in the workplace. Each generation has their own way that they like to be Led. 
If you don’t know how to Lead each generation effectively, individually and collectively, you will experience a lot of discord, frustration and HR problems. 

Leadership is a tough job and it is Stressful and riddled with Anxiety. 

Most Leaders are questioning their capacity to Lead daily.

Even more, in this topic, we will unpack how to help reduce the Stress and Anxiety levels in our teams and team members. 
When you really understand Stress and Anxiety, it removes a massive weight from your shoulders. 

You face time and budgetary constraints each and every day as a Leader. 

Discover tools, strategies and learnings that will maximise the time available and reduce wasted time through mistakes.

Leadership is all about Influencing others. 

What if you had a framework that if you followed and used would increase your influence ten fold?

This is what we will share, unpack and implement in this element. 

Leadership is about the relationships you build with your team and those around you. 

I will share with you a system that is so easy, you cannot help but create long lasting, natural, meaningful and sustainable relationships.

The ability to understand and know the person in front of you, in your team or even your whole team dynamic is a game changer. 

It gives you a head start. It enables you to be 2 or 3 steps ahead of the game, which is an incredible advantage as a Leader. 

For me personally, this has been a game changer and I use it daily in my Leadership roles.

The power of momentum when harnessed and sustained, makes your team an unstoppable force. 

Leading a high functioning, high achieving team is as easy as a hot knife moving through butter. 

How do you create this Momentum, all the secrets will be revealed in this discussion.

We never ever see the world the way the world actually is. 

There are many different filters that are used to create the reality we experience. 

Here is the kicker, everyone creates their own version of reality.

A high functioning team has a very clear focus on ONE reality. In this topic we unpack the filters used and how, we the Leader, can understand how our teams are creating their own realities and help them to align with the ONE reality. 

These are just some of the topics we will cover in the Audacious Leadership Mastermind. There are currently over 25 topics to be discussed and more are being researched and developed. This is an ever evolving Mastermind, staying on point with current Leadership developments and trends.

the audacious leadership Mastermind is all about the "soft skills" required to be a great leader

When we understand patterns of Human Behaviour we can predict what people will do and how they will react. The patterns of Human Behaviour that will be shared are all evidence / fact based models. What you will learn and discover will give you the "soft skills" to Lead effectively, strongly and authentically for the rest of your Leadership career and beyond.

Testimonials & Case Studies

The Power of Leadership Coaching

Before Audacious Leadership Coaching

After Audacious Leadership Coaching

Accountability Support

My promise to you: “I will not let you fail”. 

I will provide you with as much implementation, accountability and support as possible to ensure you succeed. 

All you need to do is implement it. 

How does the Audacious Leadership Mastermind work?

90 Minute Group Zoom Call
Strategy Session
We will unpack, explore and discuss a specific model of Human Behaviour that is associated with Leadership. In this session we will also discuss the strategies we can use to implement this new knowledge into our day to day Leadership.
90 Minute Group Zoom Call
90 Minute Group Zoom Call
Implementation Session
By now, we will have all had at least 7 days of implementation of the topic discussed in session 1. This is where the real power of the Mastermind comes together. We can all support each other, discuss our implementation successes and struggles. Share strategies, real life experiences and ideas. Then we use the following 2 weeks to fine tune and hone that strategy to achieve success.
90 Minute Group Zoom Call
30 Minute One-on-One Zoom Call
Implementation Support
1x monthly 30 minute "1 on 1" Coaching / Implementation support call with the host - Steve Barker. Who has over 35 years of lived Leadership experience. 26 years in the military, serving globally, and within many different cultures, as well as his experience in the civilian sector.
30 Minute One-on-One Zoom Call

Additional Inclusions

Zoom Recordings

You will also receive all the recordings from the Zoom sessions, so that you can download them and review them again. This also means that if you miss a session, you can always catch up. I will even include my exclusive Leadership resource guide, with book, podcast and other Leadership resource recommendations for you.

Support Materials

Even more, where applicable, I will share with you all the soft copies, support videos, implementation strategies, frameworks and breakdowns. I recommend you save all these support materials for future use, review and sharing with others, as you grow more Leaders around you. It will take your Leadership, career and income to the next level and beyond.

This is an extremely in-depth dive into the "human skills" required to be the great Leader you want to be and your team deserve.

Who is your host?

Steve Barker

Author, Leadership Coach & Mentor, Human Behavioural Specialist, Veteran.

Steve Barker is a Royal Air Force veteran from the UK.

For 26 years Steve served his country. Moving to Australia in 2013, he brings with him his worldly experience and knowledge from serving and living globally for the best part of his adult life.

Known for being a people’s person, a leader and a behavioural expert, Steve uses over 35 years of leadership, training and mentoring experience to life by sharing his insights, lessons and wisdom with others.

Based in a wonderful inland city of Wagga Wagga in NSW, Steve serves both local and international clients, covering all walks of life. Steve assists his clients achieve excellence in their desired outcomes through a blend of coaching, facilitating and mentoring.

He works with Leaders from all walks of life and all levels of experience. Helping to develop the necessary skills to lead in the modern world, with all the diversities that we are currently experiencing.

He helps Leaders to create workplace cultures that attract the right team members, who go on to achieve outstanding results, repeatedly and sustainably.

Steve is also an accomplished Public Speaker and has been delivering Keynote Speaking and
run Team Development Training Events for Business and organisations such as Charles Sturt University, Local Land Services, Austrak, Bendigo Bank, BNI Australia, to mention a few.

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