Ultimate Coaches Content Machine

Your entire marketing platform generated from just 1-2 hours of your time.

Market your business while creating content you can sell.

Your Job

Invest only 1-2 hours of your time to run one of the following:

  • Webinar
  • Workshop Session
  • Educational Podcast Episode.

Any of those are a good start.

Our Job

  • We will set you up on a session with our business mentor to validate your coaching business to get you off to a great start
  • We will seed your Webinar/Workshop/Podcast with its first guests.
  • Create your Video Content:
    • Up to 3 Videos for Youtube
    • Up to 3 Videos for Facebook & LinkedIn
    • Up to 10 Reels for Short Form Video Platforms (eg Instagram or TikTok)
  • Create Written, SEO Optimised Content to be uploaded to your website. This could be up to 3 blog posts.
  • Create your Social Media Posts. This could be up to 7 image posts.
  • Build your Online Program (course):
    • A Lesson Video to be uploaded to your chosen Learning Management System
    • A Worksheet to be used as Course Materials for your program
  • Create your weekly Newsletter
  • Run the systems of your choice for distribution such as Marketing Automation Tools.
That’s a total of 28 pieces of content and all the work included in uploading and distributing it. We are even helping you build your very own online course!

This would typically take around 20 hours to complete so we are essentially helping you 1020x your time investment in your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have half a week of your time back and up to a whole months worth of content done with only 1-2 hours of your time?

What else can we do?

  • We can help you create eBooks and other lead magnets based upon the content you create
  • We can build landing pages for all of this new content you have
  • We can provide any other marketing support to help you get the most from your content

What makes this solution special?

Most solutions out there are built around teaching you what kind of content you should produce. This solution amplifies a single piece of content and allows you to create a huge range of content from a limited amount of input.

Who might use this solution?

This would be a great product for coaches who don’t have the time to build out a huge content machine but are inspired by influencers such as Gary V and their ability to pump out lots of content. They might have participated in coaching programs which have told them to produce a lot of content but haven’t had the means to do it yet.